Google calendar entries as items

Hi there,
I have a question. I want to integrate a work shift plan into my openhab. The plan is stored in a google calendar with one event per day (e.g. “late”, “early”, “free”).
I want to read these calendar entries and handle them as items in a rule. I tried the caldav extension and got it working but hat several errors in the log and one problem I could not fix: the itemes are not update one they are loaded (there may be changes in the calendar) to this is not useable.
There is also the google calendar scheduler but for this I would have to copy the commands into every new entry which is also not really usable.

Does anyone have any recommendation on how to solve my problem? Thanks in advance!


Sorry but you may have to bite the bullet and use that

Hm ok. Thanks for the answer. I think there is no one updating this old openhab 1 binding or will there be any further updates and possible fixes?
Don’t know how hard it will be to adopt the binding.