Google Calendar with CalDAV Binding


I would use the new CalDAV binding to retrieve a list of event in my Google calendar. However, this requires an authentication OAuth 2. How to do with this binding? I see nothing in the wiki about it.

I also could not find support for OAuth2. For now I’m reverting back to this hack that was working on 1.7 (and continues to work)

I recently upgraded to OH 1.7.0 and my previously working Gcal integration (using the old Gcal binding) stopped working.

I found this and followed it and eventually it worked.

It’s a long winded process that also uses OAuth2 and you have to ensure that (on Windows) you launch the CMD prompt from the same directory that contains the batch file but it worked fine and I now have full Gcal control over my openHAB system.

Its an alternative if you you get stuck with CalDAV.


Use IFTTT and myopenhab and signal to an item triggered by an Google calendar event.
regards Martin

Martin: have you tried this? I found that I need to create an IFTTT recipe for every item in order for this to work (I have over 100 items …). Have you managed to create a single recipe that looks for calendar items and send ON and OFF commands?


The last update of the Wiki gives the solution.

caldavio:openhab_tasks:url= caldavio:openhab_tasks:password=password caldavio:openhab_tasks:reloadInterval=10 caldavio:openhab_tasks:preloadTime=20000

In your Google account, you must change the security in this page :

After this modification, CalDAV can download the calendar.


I was trying this with app passwords which you have to use once 2-factor auth is set up. That seemed to work, however I interrupted openhab because it was downloading all my calendars. It really seems to download and schedule events occurring in all the google calendars as there were thousands of ics-files and I only had like 2 events in the automation calendar scheduled.


Hi Matias,

I really do not understand your question.
In IFTTT I am having IFTTT search for the some contents in the name of a specific calendar event and if found IFTTT is sending a command that is specified within IFTTT to an openhab item to trigger an event.

I do not know whether this answered your questioin.

regards Martin

@martin_klimke: Let me explain what I’m looking for to see if it is what you are doing (I checked IFTTT again and I cannot make it happen). Imagine you have 100 Items named Item1 to Item100. I want to be able to create a calendar entry named “[OpenHab] Item53” and have IFTTT turn on Item53 during the duration of the calendar event. Now the caveat is that I don’t want to write one IFTTT rule per Item… Is this what you are doing?

Thanks for you help

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This is what I am doing. But lucky me I only have 3 items that change value according to calendar events.

Hi has anyone found a way to use a calendar event which last a few days to trigger an update in OpenHab. I’ve tested the IFTTT functionality and it only triggers when the event starts and not on subsequent days.

I want to be able to turn off wake up alarms for school holidays. I know I could have two types of event eg: school term and school holiday which turn on and off alarms when they start but I think I’d prefer to check daily.