Google Calendars is turning off XML feeds

I am happily using the GCal binding but I got an email from Google yesterday telling me that they are turning off the XML service:

Because of low usage, and in an effort to streamline our services, from 18 November 2015, XML feeds will no longer be available in Google Calendar. You’re getting this message because you’re currently viewing or sharing a link to one or more of your calendars using an XML feed.

Has anybody thought of a workaround? Is the GCal binding going to be discontinued or is there an alternative solution?

can answer my own question as per the recent comment made on the gcal binding page.

There is an alternative binding using CalDAV.

An alternative method to schedule events is to setup the my.openHAB binding and use the openHAB/Google Calendar channels on IFTTT to trigger openHAB.

I’ve been trying to set up the caldav binding to connect to google calendar, but not being able to do it so far…I’ve been looking for references but I cannot find anything. Any suggestions or referrer on how to do it?