Google Chrome Extension (openHAB Controller) now compatible with HTTPS and openHAB Cloud

I’ve done some modifications on @hazymat 's Chrome extension to allow HTTPS and will be working on some new features, like allowing remote and local server to be both informed like HABdroid app.
The new extension is available at Chrome Web Store and the forked GitHub repository is also openly waiting for your help, if you want to. Questions and suggestions wanted! :smile:

Install it from here:

I’ve also changed the icon to the new openHAB logo and done some work on the banners and screenshots on the store page to make it look cleaner and more up to date with openHAB branding. Suggestions are welcome here too!

GitHub repository


Hi all

On the prompting of @lucianopeixoto, I have updated the Chrome plugin. Existing users should get this update when they restart Chrome, and will need to set up the extension again (only a few options to get it up and running).

(As suggested before @lucianopeixoto, might be best to remove the one you published as it’s a duplicate in the chrome store…)



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@kubawolanin, @sihui and @mashborn, if you guys have installed the extension from the link I’ve posted before, please remove ir again and install this one, as that’s the one that should be updated in the future:

Sorry about this.

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Is it just me or does the back button not work ?

Same issue here, with basic and classic ui.

Yeah… That’s something that I’m trying to figure out how to solve right now. We will let you know when it’s done.

Hi @lucianopeixoto
I currently running on OH3. Seems like the extension haven’t been updated for a long time.
Will it be updated so it support OH3?

Hi @Phuong ,
I was using it with openhab3 for a while and had no compatibility issues. Anyway, now it seems to have a problem with the chrome extension webstore. I’ll be working on that tomorrow.

Brilliant. I have been using this extension to control my HABPanel and have been manually re-enabling it as it has been so useful.

I’ve noticed that with OH3 authentication now any edits made within the extension can’t be saved to Panel Config but to local only - not really a big issue.

Anyway - this has been a great tool!! Thanks! It would be interesting to know how it has been deemed to “violate the Chrome Web Store policy”?