Google Cloud Text-to-Speech Settings disappeared, no Other Services section

The docu for the Google TTS Binding says about configuration:
Using your favorite configuration UI to edit Settings / Other Services - Google Cloud Text-to-Speech
only, in OH 4.01 the Other Services section is gone.
Many formerly located entries like Language Server, Persistence are in the SystemServices section now but Google TTS does not show up for me.
I’m sure it used to be at the expected place when this was still a 4.0.0 instance.

Yes they were moved to the addon page.
That means README for all TTS services must be updated.

Thanks for your answer, could you please post the relative URL to the config?
All I can find is where to install or remove the binding but where do I paste the authentication token? This is the single most used settings entry for me, like about weekly…

In settings page, click on “Other Add-ons” and then on Google TTS. Finally click on the small icon at top and at right of the remove button to access Google TTS settings.

Does the „ Setting - other services“ section has been removed generally in 4.x? After default Installation i can not see it .

It could come back see:

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