Google Hangouts via XMPP - plain auth not allowed, better way?


I tried to follow these instructions:

It stops at “[ERROR] [hab.action.xmpp.internal.XMPPConnect] - Could not establish connection to XMPP server ‘’: SASLError using PLAIN: not-authorized”

That is probably due plain is not allowed anymore and there is no way to get it allowed any more. I tried these instructions, but no help: Such option is not in menues.

So, is there a way/interest for anyone to fix the plugin to support non plain auth? I find hangouts handy with node-red, as it requires no extra apps to Androids, and is two way comms. I’d like to receive alarms via that.

BTW, these points could be fixed in plugin doc:

  1. the tlspin is nowadays: 8A8D3716E0201FE12F9E75FF00540B7E81BB750B6B65E1D35125F4971FF6050E
  2. the link to certification check page is:

Now I noticed I had an email in my phone saying app was blocked. It guided me to allow the above link’s less secure apps. But doesn’t work any better :frowning: