Google home and security Systems (setting up Exceptions)

Hey everyone, I was playing around witth the google home integration in openhab, and while reading google documentation i came across this (Actions on Google Smart Home  |  Google Developers). Basically we can make certain sensors act like exceptions, blockers or non blockers. E.g.: I want to turn on the house alarm, but the back door is open. Or a window. Google seems to be able to inform us of this and ask for confirmation.

I could not find anywhere how to set this up. I was able to set up the pin confirmation just fine, but that’s where I’m stuck at this point.
I assume its a tag on the sensor item but im not sure. hints?

It would be a tag, but first it would have to be added to the Google Assistant action, so that openHAB knows what to do with the tag.

Google keeps adding stuff, and it’s difficult for our developers to keep up. So the best thing would be to sbumit a request in GitHub and see if they’re able to pick it up. It may already be an open issue.

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Thank you! did as you proposed:

Thanks works fine

@pierrecity i wish I understood German :frowning:
But what were you referring to? What works?

light. Thermostats, temperature and humidity sensor. alarm, doors and Windows. Enigma2 Control, Sharp Tv, shelly Switchs, hue, volume, harmony hub, homematic, netatmo weather station, fitbit, lock, alarm system with code all over openhab 2.5

Ah! Yes yes… it seems you did not read my initial post…
What I would like to be able to do is something different…