Google home/assistant setup


I’ve been scratching my head on my previously working google home/assistance setup. So in frustration I have begun the process of reconfiguring it all.

Now, I can’t really understand from the docs if the developer configuration is still needed? It referes it only as documentation for further “technical insight” but that’s a little confusing since it explains alot of other things needed for installation in the link (this is actually the way I installed it the first time I got the google assistant ecosystem workng, a year ago…if not two).

If it’s neccessary to go the full route with all the developer/project/gaction setup, what’s the actual user/pw for SSH to (configuring the mongo db)? The user/pw that I use for web access ( does not work… :thinking:

If you are running your own instance of the openHAB Cloud Server than the developer configuration is what you need. And it also means that it is deployed to a server that you own and control so you should know all the passwords and logins and such.

If you are using, you don’t need to do any of that. It’s already set up and configured for you. So all you need to do is add the right metadata to your Items, link to openHAB in the Google Home app and ask GA to “sync devices”.

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Oh, I’ve been using all the time but GA suddenly stopped working and I think it was around the time I upgraded to 2.5M3. I also added some new items and converted all tags to metadata items…but neither my google home nor my google assistant on my phone even recognize the “sync devices” command anymore. It just gives me a search result …

Maybe I have to remove all the old developer configuration, do a cleanup. Good to know that the dev configuration is not needed! :slight_smile: