Google Home Assistant

Google Assistant is unable to connect to openHab… This has worked for some time… I rebooted but still no connection. Is there something going on with myopenhab?

same here …seems something going on with


Same. I just upgraded to 2.5.0 1603. but no change. Interesting, that Xiaomi lights, Zwave devices can’t connect, but Yeelight ceiling light yes.

Still no news about? I Chenged the password. after this i wanted to link again in Google Home, but after i allow the OAUTH2 there is a message short on the webpage what is not possible to read because the size and the speed, and the link is not made.

No problem in june and july. I used 2.5 M1 and now I updated it to openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1645 and it works fine.

Same problem here, i just can’t connect my Openhab to google home. Openhab cloud shows me the authorization but in the google home app, every time i try to link Openhab i get the same error telling me it can’t upload its settings.

Using OH2.5M3 on a RBP3b