Google Home integration - Custom Actions

Hello everyone. There is a functionality that I have not been able to implement, I would like to know if it is possible.

When I say “OK Google, put on the sports radio” it starts to ring through all the speakers in the house. (but it is something that happens outside of openhab)

Is there any way through API to be able to define a rule in OPENHAB that launches an action similar to Google Home?

From what I have read in the forum:
-There is the possibility of playing audio and tts through google speakers
-There is the possibility of integrating google, so that it executes commands and actions through Openhab Cloud (through google or through IFTTT)

Isn’t it possible to launch actionable text commands from OpenHab to GoogleHome?
It is a functionality that is available in googlehome routines definition (photo)

Thank you.

You can but there are steps to take:

Thanks Vincent. :+1:
I will review that