Google Home integration using new UI not working

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I’m trying to expose some of my items to Google Home using the new UI. The problem is that I’m not able to make it work in openhab 3.

Exposing them via config files works, but I want to use the UI from now.

My openhab installation is connected to myOpenhab, as I said before, using config files works and I can control my gadgets from Google Home.

The items have a property defined in the metadata section that defines the type of device for Google home.

Using this config, the items are not displayed in Google Home. I’ve already restarted the Openhab service and refreshed the Google home devices.

Is there any documentation to solve / config this? Thank you!

Nevermind, I was trying to add the Group to Google Home.

I am having your original issue, The switch works in OH3, but I can not see it in Google Home, any tips?

My problem was that I was adding the group, not the switch itself. That solved my problem.