Google Home Maximum Heating Temperature

Is there a way to change the upper limit on the Google Home thermostat slider?

I am using a “thermostat” to control water temperature and would like to be able to set it warmer than 90 deg F within GH. Using voice control/Google Assistant I can set it to 120 deg if needed, but when I try and use the slider shown below I am limited to 90.

//Master Bath Items
Switch ShowerSW               "Shower"        (Shower)        ["Switchable"]  {channel="mqtt:topic:Shower:Shower"}
Switch WandSW               "Wand"        (Wand)        ["Switchable"]  {channel="mqtt:topic:Shower:Wand"}
Dimmer ShowerFlow          "Shower Flow"      (Shower_Flow)      ["Lighting"]     {channel="mqtt:topic:Shower:Flow"}

Group gShowerTemp "Shower Temperature" ["Thermostat", "Fahrenheit"]
Number ShowerSP "Shower Setpoint [%.1f °F]" (gShowerTemp) [ "TargetTemperature" ]   {channel="mqtt:topic:Shower:ShowerSP"}
Number ShowerTemp "Shower Temperature [%.1f °F]" (gShowerTemp) [ "CurrentTemperature" ] {channel="mqtt:topic:Shower:OutTemp"}

If this topic belongs elsewhere please let me know, I am new to this forum thing. Thank you for any help!


I think it would be worth asking google