Google home presence

I was pretty excited to see google released built in presence detection. Was hoping i could switch to this instead of owntacks

Unfortunately it seems like you can only trigger lights/plugs, but not any custom actions.

If anyone knows if theres a workaround, please let me know.

The way I handle all my GH routines is to set up scene switches and configure the routine to activate one of them. Then all logic for what should happen is handled by OH. Is there something special about the presence routines compared to others, that prevents this?

Yup, see the second link, seems like its not possible yet. I was trying to setup what you mention but not yet available it seems

Can’t test it myself as I don’t have access to it where I live.

<rant>Must a pain in the *** for google customer support when google announces new features, only to have tons of customers complaining that it’s not available for them. I can understand if it’s a language-dependant feature, but presence sensing should work the same for everyone right?</rant>

Is it possible to expose a scene switch as a light to google and have it turn it on that way?

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But you can, at least here in Austria, switch OH items with it.
What you see here are lights and a socket which are controlled via OH:

However, the detection of whether I’m home or not is so bad that you can’t use it for anything. I’ve been home for 2 hours today and the assistant still thinks I wouldn’t be.
So I’m back to Tasker, the detection works 100%.

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