Google Home Send Dimmer Level instead Switch ON or OFF

I am running OpenHab 3.4.2 and noticed that using Google Integration.
I Have a Tasmota node with a Dimmer connected to led strip, and all working fine with openhab, but using google vocal assistant I have an issue:
If I say “Hey google Turn On Light One”, I can see on MQTT broker that Openhab send the intensity of the dimmer and not the Power command:


When I say “Hey google Turn OFF Light One” is the same:


This is good if only google is used, but I still have a phisical button, and if I press physical button, the item will go ON but intensity of the LED is zero so light does not turn on.

I configured 2 Items, one switch without google metadata, and one dimmer with google metadata.

What I would like is that:
When I Say to google “Turn ON or Turn Off” power command should be sent
When I Say to google “Set ligth to 70%” channel level should be sent. Is this possible? Thanks