Google home stopped working


I can’t figure out why my g00gle home won’t work. It’s been working before and I’m not sure if it has anything to do with me upgrading from 2.5M2 to M3 (the issue could have started around that time but not certain).
So basically the google home doesn’t recognize the “sync devices” command anymore nor any openhab commands. Using the google home app on my phone works just fine and I can switch on/off switches etc. But the google assistance doesn’t seem to work with openhab either…basically any voice related won’t work.

Anyone have any clue or hint where to start troubleshooting this? Obviously the cloud service/connectivity works as the commands by “clicking” in the google home app works just fine… :thinking:

Are the devices that you want to switch in a room?
Google home doesn’t operate commands properly if they are not in the room.

Yepp they’re all defined in a room and commands works just fine through the google home app on my phone (by clicking).
However, the google home device seems completely “disconnected” from openhab somehow.
It doesn’t even respond to the “sync devices” command but instead says “blabla I do not know how to help you …”

Is the Google home device also visible in the Home App?

Yes and assigned to a room aswell … :thinking:

if you type in the home app

Sync my device

does the sync start this way?

nope, just gives me a search result :neutral_face:

Are your home devices “Online” in the paper UI?

hm yeah there’s mostly “items” defined which is updated through MQTT and some z-wave switches but they’re all online.
I’ve added alot of thermostats (virtual) and also changed everything to use the metatag syntax (no tags), could this be the problem? I’m gonna go through them for the gazillionth time and verify that everything is correct :crazy_face:

We could try a reverse.

Let Openhab speak with a google home to make sure they work together

rule "test"

  item testbutton changed

 say("This is a test" , "googletts:enENWavenetC", "chromecast:chromecast:****************")


put your own chromecast in or play a sound

I haven’t added it as a chromecast thing but “sync devices” doesn’t even work in the google assistant on my phone so that more or less excludes the google home device as a problem afaik. I’ve removed my “home” in the google home app and reconnected everything, added the rooms again and resynced anything I could possibly sync. But still nothing, gaah…this drives me insane.

Normally it is that one of the bindings is not working.
Did you try to remove the Chromecast binding from the Paper UI and reinstall it?

Otherwise, I am out of options as well.

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I’m gonna do some more troubleshooting, perhaps restart the whole process of connecting google to the openhab cloud.
Do you know if this process is still needed (all the developer/project/action settings in google)?

I am not sure about the developer settings. Because I have a business account as a full stack developer

Ok for anyone having the same issue, after alot of troubleshooting it seems I have at some point turned off the conscent to allow google personalize search results. This actually disables the possibility to use google home/assistant for openhab (smarthome). When turned on everything works just fine again… :confounded:

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