Google Nest Cam Akku gets response NULL

Hi there,
i’ve got some nest cameras which connected with nest binding. Now, i’ve got a google nest camera with battery which successfully discovered and it’s state is online. But, the items are not refreshing. The pull gets the response with NULL. Yesterday there comes only an timestamp update to an person event and in log shows

[binding.nest.internal.sdm.api.SDMAPI] - SDM API error: Permission denied to sdm.devices.commands.CameraEventImage.GenerateImage.
2022-08-03 19:59:45.719 [WARN ] [binding.nest.internal.sdm.api.SDMAPI] - SDM API error: Command sdm.devices.commands.CameraLiveStream.GenerateRtspStream not supported.

the tokens are not set:

i found this in the log, too:

2022-08-04 15:51:48.202 [WARN ] [ding.nest.internal.sdm.api.PubSubAPI] - Unexpected exception while pulling message for 'nest+channel' subscription java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING at line 1 column 1 path $
        at$ ~[bundleFile:?]

nobody any idea?

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