Google Nest Device Access Console now available


Is the SubscriptionId and PubSubProjectId found within the JSON Service Account info? What I have in there currently is the projectID from the JSON and then the Pubsub Topic from the Device Access console, but clearly that doesn’t seem to be right as I am getting nothing from my cameras.

I also tried the Unique ID of my service account from the GCP as the SubscriptionID, but not getting any feedback there either.

The Google Cloud Console is receiving messages. When I make a change to my temperature, etc, I can view the ack messages. However, all my doorbell items are blank. So I’m sure I have something misconfigured in the nestdeviceaccess.cfg file.

Hi @BHigg, been running the binding for a few weeks and the thermostats bit is working well, not seeing any errors - so thanks again for getting this working.

I have 5 cameras that the binding is able to discover and put in the Paper UI inbox
as doorbells. I am able to add them as a thing and they show up as on line. So that part seems to be working. This is where I am not sure how much you have working yet or what to expect. None of the data associated with the camera is being initialized or updated so I suspect this is not yet working in the binding. I am not much of a programmer so while I’d love to help make updates I can at least help troubleshoot things.

I am able to run curl commands from my Openhab system to retrieve the info/send commands for a camera and can verify that it works using the credentials that the binding is using. I also noticed that the access tokens are being updated for the thermostats, but they are not being updated for the camera.

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

@BHigg is the project still in sandbox status? do you know if Openhab will be getting production access for users to use with openhab cloud etc. ? since its only 30 API calls per minute I am wondering if I should wait for proper release or okay to use now… please advise, thank you!
Env: Openhab 2.5 in Pi4 Docker

Any idea if there has been any progress on a fix for this?
Even an Openhab restart seems to drop the config?

On October 28th @BHigg said:

To summarize here:
Make sure that you have the configurations in Karaf (openhab-cli console.) This is done by placing the nestdeviceaccess.cfg and updating the “authorizationToken or refreshToken” (Not both, preference is refreshToken but if you only have an authorizationToken, you can use it…)

Is this correct, should we only configure the refreshtoken? If so, what is the beneift over doing both?
My main issue is that I am intermittently losing the config (any time my web drops, or my openhab reboots)

Thanks for the great work

Is there a JAR availabe to be downloaded for testing?
If there is door bell support available.

Thanks for additional steps for configuring device access to Google SDM API, I’ve successfully set up personal/development partner connection. Don’t quite have pubsub working yet, but my understanding is that isn’t required.
About every 7-8 days, the partner connection is removed from my account. I know there is mention of losing configuration in the thread, but assuming that is referring to Openhab config. Removing the partner connection from my google account seems to be on google end. I’m not able to find any indication that development/uncertified partner connections are limited by time.
Anyone else see this behavior? Or any tips on what I am doing wrong?

Hi All,

I have a question on Nest Camera Activity Zones. Are these supported in the Google SDM API? I use them to trigger notifications when a Person is detected in a configured activity zone.


You can view the traits for the APi Here: Nest Device Traits. The camera API supports motion, person and sound. So the answer would be yes if it is enable in the add-on. I have Thermostats working with the API using @BHigg’s binding, but while the cameras are there they are listed as doorbell cameras (needs a bit of work to add the traits but they are pretty much identical for the doorbell) and I don’t think this part of the add-on is working yet, at least not for me…

Thanks for the reply @dschoepel!
I am aware of the traits. But I noticed there was no activity zone trait. So I’m wondering if the person/motion detection sends a notification for any motion or if it sends it when motion is detected in an activity zone. Thx.

Did a little more digging and looking at the trait info I can’t find any indication that a zone is identified. For example what is returned (message in pubsub subscription) from the motion event below only includes the event CameraMotion.Motion and associated event ID. Perhaps they have one for CameraMotion.Zone but I don’t see it called out in the documentation…

      "eventId" : "0120ecc7-3b57-4eb4-9941-91609f189fb4",
      "timestamp" : "2019-01-01T00:00:01Z",
      "resourceUpdate" : {
          "name" : "enterprises/project-id/devices/device-id",
          "events" : {
          "" : {
             "eventSessionId" : "CjY5Y3VKaTZwR3o4Y19YbTVfMF...",
             "eventId" : "FWWVQVUdGNUlTU2V4MGV2aTNXV...",
        "userId": "AVPHwEuBfnPOnTqzVFT4IONX2Qqhu9EJ4ubO-bNnQ-yi"

I have 5 cameras connected to the API but so far I cant seem to get them to send messages to the pub/sub subscription. Still scratching my head on what I missed in setting all this up…

Hi All and happy new year. Hope you all had a great break. Many I please ask if there is an update on the Windows add-on?

Many thanks.

Yes, my project is in sandbox and probably will remain that way. i.e. No plan to move to a commercial project. You can instead create your own project and own all messages in/out of the project. By the way, you can leverage the pubsub configuration to avoid the API calls per minute. This would be recommended for any project that has many Nest devices. Hope that helps.

Correct. There are no zones in the JSON messaging from Google… The “Doorbell” class does work for displays and cameras as well. In the case of notifications, it will deliver notifications for person detected motion, doorbell ring (For doorbells), motion detection and sound detection. However, no zoning. That is, if you had a zone detect motion, it would trigger the motion and reference the link to the video but would not tell you what zone it is in from the JSON… You can look in the Google project pubsub and verify the JSON for the information… Thanks for trying to help others in the channel. Greatly appreciate it…

The doorbell class should be working with the cameras… Hit me up on a PM and we can review… I have 2 cameras working currently but want to verify there isn’t a coherency issue when you scale up the number of cameras… Example: Google’s API requires the message to be reviewed within 30s. If it isn’t, it discards the ability to retrieve video/image related data. If a coherency issue applies where the pubsub reader isn’t getting to the message in time, it may point to a need to optimize the pubsub reading capability… :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Firstly thank you all very much for the developing and testing contributions for SDM API!

I’ve been keeping a close eye on this thread as I’ve been wanting to utilize it too. Now for the questions :smiley: Is there a roadmap for this binding when it will officially be available for OH3 and its associated documentation? The reason why I ask, for me its not very clear the process that is required to be completed to fully integrate the API and OH3. Furthermore, not sure from this thread what is still applicable or not…

Thanks very much all and apologies if there are any stupid questions above!

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Hello! The SDM support will be available in openHAB when this pull request is merged. I’m working on making the code ready for review. Once the channel names/types are stable (and still work after my changes) I’ll publish an updated JAR. :slight_smile: I haven’t published any updated JARs, as it can be frustrating and waste a lot of everyone’s time when names and types keep changing.


Just to remind you if possible to fix “internet outage” issue before you publish the jar. Of course if you’ve not already done it

Thankyou again for your precious job

I will try to simulate Internet outages by restarting my router a few times. I remember the Nest Binding WWN code also initially had some difficulties with recovering from that. :smiley: Do you use only the periodic refresh polling or do you also use a Pub/Sub subscription?