Google Nest Protect and OpenHab?

Does anyone have the current state of affairs for the Google Nest Protect wit OpenHAB? I’m looking to buy a couple of these but I’m not sure given the closure of the Nest API and questionable integration in Google Home at present.


The most recent thing I read (I can’t find the article now) was that Google has been working on a replacement for the Nest API. However, it wasn’t clear when that would happen, or if it would be open to private developers and open-source projects like openHAB.

To be honest, even with the API the Nest Protect did next to nothing in openHAB. I started to implement it last spring, but it didn’t add any value to my system since I couldn’t control it and couldn’t make use of its sensors as triggers (I had hoped to tie it in as a motion sensor).

Putting openHAB aside, I really like the Nest Protect. Its fire/smoke detectors are top-notch, and I appreciate that it gives me ample warning that it’s going to go off when I’m burning something in the oven, rather than just blasting me with a siren while I’m trying to deal with my ruined dinner. It just perches on my ceiling quietly doing its job, and that’s all I want.

So, I’d recommend it if life safety is your top priority. If I were more concerned about my smoke detector integrating with openHAB, I’d probably look elsewhere.

@rpwong Thank Russ, I’m happy with the Protect from a standalone POV, but I was keen to do some simple stuff like if it alarmed then turn on the lights… or report the CO levels when a nearby generator is running etc.

That’s an interesting idea. Unfortunately, the Protect doesn’t measure or report levels. It just goes from OK to WARNING to EMERGENCY.

If you have an Android phone, there’s a very roundabout way of connecting it to your lights. Basically, you would have Tasker pick up notifications from the Nest app, then send commands to OH via the openHAB app. Not ideal, but it would work after a fashion.