Google Nest Thermostat question

It’s not really an openhab question, but I guessed that the community would know an answer to my question. :slight_smile:
A few years ago, we bought a Nest Thermostat (V3 if I’m not mistaking). Works great and probably already saved us quite a bit of money since we always forgot to turn of the heating when we left.
Now we’re trying to upgrade our system a bit and add some smart thermostat valves to our radiators.
But I’m not sure if this is actually compatible with Nest.

The basic idea is that I want to control the heating downstairs and in the bathroom separately.
I know for sure that works with a Tado for example. At least if I buy enough Smart TRV’s to put on all my radiators.
I want to do something similar with my nest.

Humm… I have a similar ongoing project, but the heating solution is different.
Question: dont you get the temperature values and everything from the nest thermostat in openHAB?
Because if you do, then you don’t need nest compatible valves - you need openHAB compatible valves.
From there you can create or automate everything you need.
So, for example, if you have a zigbee usb plug on your openHAB, then you could look on zigbee2mqtt for zigbee trv valves. Those valves would be exposed to openHAB, and in there you could automate or setup, whatever behavior you need.
I think this would work… I don’t have nest thermostats unfortunately, but I “simulate” them on the home app with the openHAB thermostat group, and at least that concept does work.

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