Google TTS can not authorize

I can not get Authorization Code by using Anmelden – Google Konten
It says that * redirect_uri: urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob is not allowed any longer:
What do i put in URI?

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It seems that oob is deprecated
Google Developers Blog: Making Google OAuth interactions safer by using more secure OAuth flows (

I had to switch to voicerss until this is solved.

There is now an issue to track this:

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Any updates?

Reading this I also realised that I haven’t heard my OH reminders for a while.
Should this issue affect the already authorised connections or is it related to the new authorisations only?
It is certainly before 28/02 since I had my garbage reminder

I can’t tell. I just know that getting an AuthCode by Browser is not working anymore as described here which has nothing to do with OpenHub itself. But I can’t find any information at all how to get an Authorization Code by Browser.

I made a few JARs using a different redirect_uri which makes it possible to get an authorization code for getting the tokens, see this openhab/openhab-addons#12455 (comment).


I receive this in new solution

2022-05-02 19:48:11.244 [WARN ] [ce.googletts.internal.GoogleCloudAPI] - Error initializing Google Cloud TTS service: An unexpected IOException occurred: Exception in oauth communication, grant type authorization_code