Google TTS openHAB 2.0

I am working on migrating from 1.8.3 to openHAB 2 and I was surprised that there is no Google TTS or even a legacy option, I guess I should just use the 1.8.3 binding?

Why don’t you try VoiceRSS.

I have it’s not bad, but Google TTS is one of, if not the best TTS engine out there.

The reason is this thread.

Is Google TTS (still/again) working reliably for you? When I checked it last, I noticed that it regularly did present a captcha, so that it simply wasn’t possible to use it from openHAB anymore.

Yep, updated the list early last year after people were having issues with it. I have not had any issues since I made the change adding client=tw-ob

Would be magic to use Google TTS. Much better swedish pronounciation. :slight_smile:

Any way get Google TTS working in openHAB 2.0 like it is in 1.8.3? I tried copying the 1.8.3 googletts to the addons dir, but that did not seam to work. I tried VoiceRSS, but GoogleTTS just sounds so much better.

Since Google TTS works, can we get it back in 2.0?

Sure, we just need someone to implement it :slight_smile:
Probably taking the VoiceRSS service as a starting point and using the GoogleTTS code from OH1 should be pretty straight forward.

Are you sure that Google TTS is working well, I mean without only few accepted requests per day ?
In this case, what is the working URL to be used ?
When I abandoned Google TTS, it was because it asked for capcha and/or only works four or five times per day.

1.x addo-on is using this URL:
Using this URL in my WEB browser leads to a message that the file cannot be played due to a unhandled MIME type.
If I use the result is a page signaling an excessive traffic from my network and asking me to tell that I am not a robot.



Works for me.

nathan stratton

Even after 20 requests ?