Google Voice commands have different confirmations

I’m running openhab 4.0
I have some light groups that I use Google to switch on and off. Most group on/off commands results in a verbal confirmation. One or two only generate a beep confirmation.
Any idea why?

The group items are configured in txt files and appear the same

Ive always had this issue, maybe back with oh2

I think this is on the Google side of things. All OH does is say “this is a switch”. Anything having to do with confirmations is all Google.

I’ve never had consistent confirmations. Sometimes it says it’s “turning on X lights”, others just a chime, and still others it will say “I’m sorry I can’t reach openHAB right now” after turning on the light.

Often I’ve found that it will chime if it only turned on lights in the current room or turned on a single light and talk when it’s turning on lights in another room or multiple lights in multiple rooms.

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Yes I agree with Rich. My experience is when the speaker is in the same room as the thing you are turning on, it gives a chime notification. If it’s in another room, it tells you what it did.

I also wish we could configure this but I don’t think it’s possible. Or put all the things in the same room (in the Google Home app), but that’s not the best solution I guess😅

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Thats the normal way of respons from Google, when using Google equipment such as hubs, speakers etc, to speak to your ‘Home’. Has been like that for years now :slight_smile:

If the Google device you´re speaking to is located at the same room, as the light you want to controle, it will only chime with a “ding” when turning on/off.

I suppose its the same with openHAB integration if the room has been defined.

Google doesn’t see the OH semantic model. However, Google Home has rooms that you put devices into and that’s how it figures out which room the speaker is in and the device being controlled is in. You can specify the rule through the ga metadata or do it from the Google Home app.

Thats what I meant.
When you add a device to a room in Google home, then it knows if it needs to respond with a chime “ding” or by voice respond.