GoogleHome, PaperUI Items & Items Files

I’m a bit new. I set up Things and related Items via PaperUI.
I have a couple rules set up and I can control my Things via the interface.

I want to integrate my google home but I don’t see my items when I SSH into my Rasp Pi instance of OpenHab. I’ve also tried viewing my items via Visual Studio Code but they are not there either.

Do I need to remove the connection between my Things and my Paper UI Items then delete/clear my Paper UI Items?

Then do I need to go in and create an Items file via SSH and recreate all the Items I created in PaperUI within SSH of Rasp Pi Openhab?

If I added my Things via PaperUI, then create my Items file via SSH will i be able to connect the two via PaperUI?


No information given, where did you look for the items?
Did you read the manual?
I bet you looked into the /etc/openhab2/items/ folder right? :wink:
If you create Items, Things, Groups etc. via PaperUI they get stored in a JsonDB

You can create Items via. PaperUI AND in a text file, they can work with each other, but you can only edit PaperUI Items via PaperUI, you can not edit text file config via PaperUI.

This has been explained numerous times in this community.
You should consider reading this


Unless you want to move your Items to .items files in which case the answer is yes, do that first.

Since you are after Google Home integration I would recommend doing so actually because PaperUI doesn’t support adding tags to Items and you need to be able to add tags in order to expose the Item to Google Home.

Yes. If you installed using openHABian, then there was a samba share created that you can mount to your Windows, Linux, or Mac and edit the files locally instead of over ssh. This will let you use VS Code which has an openHAB extension that will check the syntax of your files as you type. I highly recommend this.

Yes, see the Items page under the Configuration category in the Docs. It has lots of examples near the bottom of the page.

Or you can create the link through PaperUI. Either one will work.

I will only caution you to be consistent what ever you choose.

@BrutalBirdie Thank you for your help, very much appreciated.
I started with all the youtube videos but didn’t spend much time on the documentation. I reading that now and I’ll get started.

@rlkoshak Thanks for your detailed response, very much appreciated as well. Looking forward to getting my system working. Thanks again!

@chilump did you make any progress?