Google's new TTS Service with better voices

Just wanted to share this…looks like Google has been improving their cloud based TTS service. You can now use the voice of Google Home and others.

I wonder how much will need to be changed to make this compatible with the OH Google TTS binding?



Which UI do you use? My HABPanel runs on Chrome, so pretty much all goodies from Google is automatic :slight_smile:

Yes, That I understand but I’d like to use the OH Google TTS binding to take advantage of the new voices

Thanks for posting. I’ll have to look into how to use these from Google AIY. I’ve never been super happy with the change between voices when the Assistant responds and when my TTS runs on it. 1 million characters in the free tier is orders of magnitude more than I would need.

Did you see this thread? Maybe it helps. But I don’t know if it already supports the new features.

I had seen that, but this service just came out and I don’t think it works as the previous one.