Gotify binding to support sending messages to Gotify - Developer needed

Hi all,
I’m running my own Gotify message server and really love it!
It’s very easy to set up and use.
I’ve made my own notification script in SABnzbd that works fine.
Sonarr and Radarr have an implementation already.
And now I would love to have an openHAB binding for it.
But I don’t know how to write/make bindings for OH.

Gotify has good documentations about how to send messages, add urls, add images etc.

Could someone write a binding so that we can start using Gotify?

Parts I would love to see implemented:
At the Binding config: Field for the URL and a field for the API Token
At the rules part, a method to select Gotify.
And in the send message part the options to fill in:
markup (default is plain text, but the ability to make it HTML is nice).

Of course I will be available to do some alpha/beta testing, send logs, etc.

Yes I have looked at the REST api very quickly and it is very simple and already similar to other apps I am talking with in this new binding here:

Do you mind summarizing what this does and the benefits of using this over other ways to send messages like Telegram? Pretend I know nothing about it and sell me on why anyone would want to install this server on their network? Am I correct that this will continue to work fully locally if your internet connection fails? Since your using it now with scripts, what issues have you hit trying to do it without a binding?