Govee H705B RGBIC Permanent Outdoor Light Support

Hey guys, I I’m looking into getting the Govee permanent outdoor lights and was wondering if anybody knew if they were supported by openHAB?

I see that there is a Govee Binding, and that the above mentioned model number is not listed as supported, but did not know if that was up-to-date.

For reference I am running openHAB 4.

Have a look here: Govee / Dreamcoulour LED Strips - #30 by scha

@stefan.hoehn is currently doing a great Govee-Binding for LAN-access without the need of the Govee-Cloud. As far as I can see, your lights are on the supported list.

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I am looking forward to have them tested. @TheJM send me a private message and I can send you a preview version that you can add to the addons folder and test it. Let me know what version exactly you are running on

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thanks guys. I still need to figure out how much of my house I’m going to cover in those lights. Theres a chance that ill need to Govee light strips to cover my house. I assume thats supported by the binding?

Once i figure those details out, ill definitely get back with you!

You can add as many light strips as you like

I do not know, if these “outdoor-lights” are able to do different colors per single LED on a strip, but you have to be aware, that the binding is NOT able to do different colors on ONE string (maybe just currently). It looks like Govee does not support this via LAN. Also the predefined “scenes” are not useable with the binding at the moment. However, if you have a scene running, you can switch the whole string OFF with the binding and when you switch them ON again (no matter whether you use the binding or something else) the same scene is running on the lights.

Each one shows up as a separate “thing”. Works well with the hexa- and triangle-indoor-lights.