GPIO Expansion/experimenter board

I know this might not be fully OpenHAB related, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a simple Raspi GPIO expansion board.
I can of course use Dupont cable or 40 pins flatcable to export the pins to an external PCB, but I am looking for sort of a ‘shield’ or ‘hat’ that I can simply plug on top of the raspi and then put my own projects on there.
Anybody seen anything like that. Not a biggy, I can make it myself if necessary, but at my age (eyes!!) soldering 40 pins isnt the most fun I can imagine

ah found something
Not perfect so other suggestions still welcome

Also, but thats more like a plug in board. prefer more an experimenter board with more room for parts
So, suggestions still welcome

OK found suitable one at Adafruit and Freetronics.

It might help future users if you provide the link to the one(s) you ended up choosing.

The ones from Adafruit en freetronis are these:

At first I thought they woulkd be most suitable for me, but on further thinking I ended up buying this one:

Virtually similar to the first one i mentioned, but different store 4x cheaper

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The board I ended up buying, (linked above) was of good quality. It has space for a ROM ID chip in case you want to make your own HAT. It has a few drawbacks though:

Due to the fact it has copper strips rather than individual copper islets, there is limites space to add components without making some cuts through the copper.
It did fit in my RPi case, but as i had some pinheaders soldered on it, there was no room in the casing to put any connectors on it, but even without connectors, it is hard to have any wirs coming out of the case at all.

So, in short, a great Expansion board, but not really practical if you have one of the standard Raspi housings.

Currently trying to decide if i shall just make a custom housing, fitting the expansionboard, or just get a 2x20 pin extender and keep the board outside the case.