GPIO input, delay


Using the GPIO binding for a doorbell push button, but the button pressed is not registered if the button press has too short duration. A normal push/release is not enough. Holding the button for apx 1-2 sec triggers the gpio item to change state. Is there any way around this, or is this others experience as well? workarounds?

(The raspberry pi 3 is registering the short presses as I have checked with a short python script that reads state and writes changes to console, it just is not picked up by openhab)


Thing gpio:pigpio-remote:pi_gpio "Pi-GPIO" [host="::1", port=8888] {
    Type pigpio-digital-input  : gpio22  [ gpioId=22, invert=true, debouncingTime=100 ]
Switch gpio_doorbell_btn     "Ringeknapp"               (GPIO)         {channel="gpio:pigpio-remote:pi_gpio:gpio22"}

Thanks for any input :slight_smile: