Gpio on orange pi

Hello guys , I have an orange pi pc and I tried to install openhab . The program works very well , but I tried to turn on an LED by following this tutorial:

made for the raspberry pi without success. there is a possibility that it may use the gpio of my orange pi PC ? thanks a lot

GPIO is a generic protocol which should work for most board computers like this. Are you running openHAB as root would be the first question I would ask. Also, make sure you are using an IO pin. I don’t know if the pins are numbered the same between the two devices and not all the pins are for IO.

is already running as root , I have this problem:
Error occurred while creating backend object for item RespiLED, exception: /sys/class/gpio/export

I think so because , for example, to turn on the LEDs from the terminal I write :
sudo echo 1 > / sys / class / gpio_sw / PA7 / date
Folders and files are different.
Can I change the protocol gpio according to the characteristics of the device? thanks a lot

Perhaps the easiest way is to use the addon binding.exec but I believe to be wrong to set it up in my item files . Someone can have a look ? this is my file .items :

Switch RaspiLED {exec=">[ON:echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio_sw/PA7/data]>[OFF:echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio_sw/PA7/data }

thank you