"GPIO updated state is CLOSED" and so all the time

In Openhab I configured the GPIO input as Contact and added a role. When GPIO input in R Pi2 voltage is applied 3V3 Openhab several times per second reads it as a “Sensor1 updated state is CLOSED” and so all the time. Resistor Pull-up does not help. How to cause the reading taken once?

My configuration:

Contact Sensor1 {gpio="pin:24 activelow:yes"}

The binding polls the pin every so often and updates the Contact on every poll. This is proper behavior. If you want to trigger a rule only once per change use changed instead of received update.

When changing the status to OPEN (no voltage on GPIO) does not have this problem. What should zmienć in rules to Contact status was checked only at the moment the rules?

Indeed, but it does fill the logs up with a polling binding. With the Modbus binding there could be hundreds of items polled … so an extra binding parameter updateunchangeditems was introduced - when set to ‘false’ this avoids generating an update if the item has not changed. Seems like a generally useful idea?

On the other hand, the GPIO binding does seem to have something screwy if it is only logging CLOSED, but not OPEN updates.