GPS Tracker, Owntrack Android 8 issue

I’m configuring the binding gpstracker got on my stable openHAB 2.4 and OwnTracks (used so far via mqttitude and a broker under nginx with no issues). As first try I’m relying on and everything is working fine with OwnTracks installed on iPhone 12.3.1 (v12.0.3) and Android 7.1.2 (v 2.1.2), the problem is with Android (8.0.0). I’m getting the error: Trust anchor for certification path not found

Any clue on this issue?
Thank you.

The problem is related to Owntracks only, the app Gps Logger is working; I just opened a new issue.

That’s not an openHAB issue. There’s a forum and issue tracking system for owntracks. Probably best to open your issue there.

Yes, already done.