GPSTracker - Region Trigger doesn't work properly (sometimes)


I’ve a strange issue regarding the GPSTracker region trigger. Sometimes, the region trigger doesn’t get updated altough I’m within the given region range.

Thing configuration:

UID: gpstracker:tracker:1
label: GPS - iPhone
thingTypeUID: gpstracker:tracker
  trackerId: "1"
  - id: distanceSystem
    channelTypeUID: gpstracker:regionDistance
    label: System Distance
    description: Distance from region
      regionCenterLocation: 46.XXXXXXXXXXXX,14.XXXXXXXXXXX
      regionRadius: 35
      accuracyThreshold: 0
      regionName: System

In the event.log I’ve the following entry:

2022-11-22 17:32:39.882 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'GPSPhone_SystemDistance' changed from 4.372936947680441 km to 0.014105295176936124 km

This means, that I am ~15m away from the region’s center and within the given system distance of 35m. But the system region trigger is still set to OFF:

Just to make sure, my current system center distance:

Most of the time it’s working like a charm but sometimes my location has been updated properly, but the region trigger has not.
Any ideas?