Grab JSON Data via http Binding

Hi everyone,
i like to grab data from an website its a tasmota system:
if i open the website: http://x,x,x,x/cm?cmnd=status%2010 in the browser i recive something like this:
and i tested a while with jsonpath but i did not get it working. i try to add cahnnels for "Total_in, “Total_out” and “Power_curr” what am i doing wrong?
Thanks in advance, kind regards

without knowing what you tried that question cannot be answered.
In a first step I would take the complete string and check if it can be retrieved.
In second step do json parsing.
Is an empty string ( “” ) valid identifier in json ?

i know get it working i tryed a log time on the jsonpath but it was a mistake config in the binding. Thanks

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