Grafana 9.2 - new Canvas plugin allows data driven free-layout dynamic panels

Grafana 9.2 includes beta for Canvas, allowing a whole new set of dashboards

It looks quite good, includes data-driven values, icons, background, colours etc, including animated items - they have an example windpower object that with spin speed dependant on data values.

Doco and example video is here:

I see a whole bunch of possible objects that show state - solar, ev charging, motors, pumps, heaters etc that would be useful for OH dashboard.

I intend making my own dashboard using this, and will share what I do, feel free to do the same.

Even if it is in beta, and has some quirks around resizing the overall display - I did a proof of concept pretty quick, I drew the background in InkScape and then exported as PNG for the background, placing the data is just drag and drop - it seemed to only want to allow me to pick data from the first query, but I did a transform in Grafana to join the three values into one table, which it liked better.

In the demo they have animated wiring, trying to figure out how they did that - ie as minimum the lines connecting the circles should indicate flow direction, but animated is the goal.


Those lines are in the drawing, those are not added by the Canvas feature. They include the drawing from here:

If you create your own custom widget, you can add animated lines with HTML5 canvas or SVG.


Grafana 9.3 - They fixed the Canvas icon item and setting from a value threshold, ie you can have different svg icons based on different value threshold.