Grafana Dashboard examples requested

I am looking for some great dashboards in Grafana to incorperate in openHAB.
Grafana is a great tool ! But I am no Grafanist…

Please consider this as an invitation to share your Grafana Dashboards !
Samples are a great resource to learn.

For me, I am looking for interesting (and sexy :yum: ) graphs for DSMR and SolarEdge addins.

Solar use case.
One graph with:

  • the ampere drawn by the house
  • ampere generated by the solar panels

I can see exactly if I produce “to much” solar power or to less.
If I produce to much I could start washing some cloths or else :slight_smile:

Can’t provide a screenshot atm :confused:

My graphs are pretty normal.

The gray line is the outside temp. You probably can’t see it very well but the dotted purple line is the thermostat target temp. the blocky graph at the bottom indicates when the heater is on (red) or the house fan is on (blue). The green vertical line denotes midnight.

A similar chart for the indoor humidity. I have a couple of humidifiers on smart outlets that I’ll probably add the blocky charts to like I do for the HVAC on the temp chart. I haven’t had a need to so far.

This was an experiment to see how I could use some light resistor diodes (the values are not Lux or any normalized unit). I don’t actually use this chart anymore but have been too lazy to remove it.

This shows my power usages. The green line is my kWh for the month. The yellow lines shows the kW usage at that time. I don’t really use this chart much either but it’s there.

I only really use and create the charts when I want to solve a problem or fine tune something. In the temperature and humidity case, I want to see the impact of certain activities and automations I have on the temp and humidity. In winter I care mostly about humidity because it’s so so dry here, in summer mostly about temperature because we don’t have an AC.

Here a wind rose plot from own weather station data

and comparison of running hours/day (multi row: 1 row per year) for the heatpump

Hi all,
This are some Grafana pannels from my Solaredge setup:

Influxdb is used wit a mix of sources: Suna and moon grafana plugin, Solaredge Binding, Modbus Binding, openhab rules, throug node-red…

Probably not perfect, finished, well translated…. but a good starting point.


Hello everybody,

Thanks for some great ideas !
Keep 'm coming. Really like to spice up my openHAB boards.

Looks really good!!