I am using a script to call out to one wire devices as below
Temperature_Bedroom “Temperature Bedroom [%.1f °C]” (Temperature) { exec="<[/usr/share/openhab/bin/ 10-0008023097c5 :60000:REGEX((.*?))]" }

For some reason every 5 mins the value logged in Openhab does not match the expected response from the script.

See image below.

It does not always happen. Does anyone have any ideas what could cause this?
I have tried different version of persistence as well and it occurs on all of them.

I have run the same script on the same time interval as a cron job and the values stay consistent.

It doesn’t match the “expected response” but have you verified that it doesn’t match the actual response? If it does this for different persistence DBs I would look to the script or the one wire device to see if it is reporting an off number every five minutes.

I know that might be a really long shot, but 1-wire reads sometimes need some seconds to finish. Maybe every five minutes your cron job attempts to read the value and openHAB tries to do so, too but fails due to concurrent access. As far as I know the Linux 1-wire file system drivers do not really like concurrent access to a single device.

Does the problem persist if you disable the cron job?

I am unsure of a way to do this apart from running the job separately via cron. The cron job never has any fluctuations in the results as the logged results in openhab do.

This was occurring before I started to cron job to check the results. So this is not the issue. Any other ideas?