Greenhouse setup

Hi all,

I’m about to build a greenhouse, where I of course need some sensors and automation.

But what solution ?

I currently have Z-Wave, ihc, rfx in my home setup.

I have a spare raspberry that I can use and I have wifi connection in the greenhouse area

It depends on how much you want to do yourself. The MiFloras are pretty attractive. They are cheap and have temp, humidity, soil moisture sensors and @ThomDietrich wrote a nice gateway for RPi to receive the BT sensor readings and publish them as MQTT messages. If you need actuators (e.g. open the roof vents when it gets too hot) you can we then up to the pi or the like. I don’t know everything that is available on that front.

I was thinking a temperature sensor in the soil and one in the greenhouse. Same with humidity. And then something to open a water valve and maybe one to a window or two.