GreenT Touch UI issues / Config file publicly accessible

After digging into the GreenT UI because I am not able anymore to navigate into groups listed on the left sidebar, I started noticing some other partly serious issues, stale code and unimplemented features. The biggest problem I noticed for now is that the configuration file containing the update password is processed on the client side (only?) and publicly accessible by entering its path in the browser (duh).
I guess with openHAB2 and its awesome looking PaperUI coming up, its a lost effort to try and fix GreenT, but perhaps this thread could serve as a warning for people using it and relying on the update password being set and secure.

Some more issues I noticed (list may be updated):

  • The Update server is accessed via http:// which makes it unusable in https:// environments. The SSL certificate of the update server is not valid.
  • For some reason, since the last openHAB update, the left navigation bar does not change the current view when clicking on an item.

Not sure if you’re still digging into the GreenT UI… I decided to take a little look myself and it appears that something is going wrong in the sencha touch stuff with the newer chrome versions. I was stepping through the code just now trying to follow along after a click event and the code is not handling the event the same way in the latest chrome version as it is in an older browser. I’ve only had time to take a very quick look so far, might try debugging more later.

I came to the same conclusion. I guess updating the sencha framework itself could already fix the issue. But for now the classic UI works fine enough for me, so I’ll just wait for OH 2 with PaperUI.

I love GreenT. I did some fixes by myself in the code and css too (unpublished) !

I was doing presentation yesterday on someone elase PC when I noticed it is not working (left nav bar). Is there an easy fix? The elements on the right seeme to work fine, I use portable older version of Chrome so I do not have a problem for now