Greenwave NP310


I recently buy a Greenwave power node but I didn’t receive a NP210 but a NP310.
The support of NS310 (single socket version) has been added recently.

Do you know how to get the documentation on z-wave parameters ? (I already asked Greenwave and the author of NS310 config)
Is there a good way to probe, test and discover the correct config ?

I am very interested by the ability to get notified on consumption change and configure status after a powerloss.



The NP210 is in the database for a long time now. I have two of them in use with openHAB without problems. The configuration parameters are documented in the database and can be seen in HABmin. I assume the NP310 has the same configuration possibilities.


I agree I can use my NP310 in a “NP210 compatibility mode”, and it works.

If you look inside NS310 configuration, it has some extra parameter like notification on power change and recovery after powerloss. I am interested in these features and I think NP310 can do the same.



I received this technical documentation from GreenWave:
Technical Notes for Smart Plugs

The NP310 is able to send notification on current change, to restore previous state and also to reset the kWh meter.


@vrampal, as stated in the github issue, I have worked on the Greenwave devices in the new database. The one for the 6-plug is ready for review (once my changes are approved). It would be great if you could have a look at it.

@chris or @xsnrg , can I ask one of you to approve the changes for following device (I assume that currently other useres cannot see my latest changes):

And while you are on it, can you please delete the endpoint 7? Thanks!

Not at all - there will be no problem with others seeing the changes you’ve made.

Thanks Joerg.
The changes looks good to for for 5 plugs and 6 plugs versions, the 1 plug still needs update.
I have only revision 4 so I am not able to tell you what is not supported in previous version.