Grid Size? (Max:6 , really?) (solved)

Hi All,

I do have seen the “advanced” settings of the Dashboard. But the maximum you can do is only “6” … :frowning:.

In principle I happy that widgets do snap only to certain sizes, but I would like to have the grid itself much more flexible e.g. max value 20 or 30 or so .

Perhaps limitations then with responsive (I am not angularjs expert) design but hey, you can design/adapt an individual dashboards for each devices so I don’t understand the current limit from a usability perspective.

See my example where I do wanted to keep the left and the right stuff separate but I do only have the option to either put all side by side or I have to live with these huge gaps where I cant do something about it…. There would be the possiblity to add one more widget on the same row.

Any thoughts? Do you have similar issues as I am? Is there an option to change this by altering the main code ?


I believe the setting that has a max of 6 is for the layout of the menu screen. To change the grid layout you need to access the advanced tab of the specific dashboard’s configuration. The first setting should be labeled “Nb. of columns (default 12)”. If you increase this value then there will be more columns which provides greater flexibility in widget sizing.

Hey, you’re the man… !

Indeed there is a difference between the settings of the dashboards (max6) and the settings of an individual dashboard…

Sometimes you don’t see the wood for the trees :slight_smile:

(quite hidden this setting though)

Hidden probably to avoid mistakes from common users