Grohe F digital

This is a question that is (not yet) Openhab related, so posting in off topic.

Does anyone have any idea where I can find info about the protocol of the Grohe F digital products (faucet controllers).

The only detail I can find in the product spes is it’s 2,4332 GHz (channel 5 and 6) but other than that no idea.
If I can find out what the protocol is about, I can start thinking about integrating in Openhab.

Nobody else having these Grohe pucks?

Did you contact Grohe to find out if they provide an API?

yes, they don’t have any :frowning:

Then I guess, you are going to need to start sniffing the airwaves

That might be challenging in the 2.4Ghz ISM band, might even be some kind of spread spectrum signal.

I might end up opening up the controller to see if I can find out what chip it’s using. That should give me some hints.

Hi @rswennen did you make any progress on this? It’s a very interesting product line!

unfortunately I haven’t. Haven’t been actively trying lately either (was kind of busy) but am still very interested and do agree it’s a great product line. It works great, just hoped I could find a way to integrate it :slight_smile:

I have contacted Grohe (Netherlands) and sent them an email. They will send it to the German headquarters. In the meantime I saw that there is a Grohe Ondus binding so at least they know how to make API’s. That is a positive thing.

I will post a message here when I get any more information.