Groovy Rules and Java 9+

This is just to share my experiences trying to migrate my old OpenHABian instance running on java 8 for ages to a new one, running on java 11.
If you wonder why the Groovy ScriptEngine isn’t loaded anymore (resulting in ScriptEngine for groovy not available messages) here’s why:
The groovy librarys (the ones extracted from the Groovy SDK zip) go usually to the runtime/lib/ext directory and are loaded by the JVM from there.
From Java 9 onwoards the whole mechanism of loading Extensions has been removed. (Refer to “Removed Extension mechanism”). The advice is to just add JARs to the regular classpath, which worked for me (using * wildcard).

I did this by adding 2 lines to runtime/bin/karaf:
JAVA_9_ADD_CP_DIR="${KARAF_HOME}/lib/groovy/*" after the line JAVA_EXT_DIRS=
and I changed the -classpath ... to the following in the if [ "${VERSION}" -gt "8" ]; then section:
-classpath "${CLASSPATH}:${JAVA_9_ADD_CP_DIR}" \

Then I moved all groovy jars (read: all jars in the directory) from runtime/lib/ext to a newly created runtime/lib/groovy and the scripts got loaded again.


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I believe openHAB 3.0.0M2 has Groovy available for scripting with Java 11. OH2 is designed only for Java 8.

I used the latest OpenHABian image (2.5.10) and it ran java 11 by default (which worked).
Also, doing this adoptions, the Groovy rules seem to work, so all good (apart from a little bit of investigating ;-))
I didn’t want to migrate to an OH3 milestone yet (mostly because the OpenHABian image isn’t ready).

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