Group aggregation for String items

I have several radiators controlled by a String item that can be OFF, ECO, COMFORT and some other states. These items are in one group. Is it possible to set the group state if the radiators have different states, e.g. one is off and two are in eco then the group state should be something like 1x OFF, 2x ECO.

when I’m not mistaken, aggregates are not supported for string items.
you could do it via a rule and set another item based on the states of your group members.

when Member of Group changed
do your desired logic implementation
set item state

COUNT, AND, and OR should work with String Items. But none of them work in the way @mueller-ma needs.

I don’t think so. The aggregation functions are not that smart over all. You’ll have to use a rule like @maDDin1338 suggests. The only way I can think of it working like that is if you have one Group for each state and a COUNT aggregation for the state (e.g. one for OFF, one for ECO, etc and the Group’s state will be the count for that one state.