Group Based Rules to Send Commands

I have literally been searching for a couple hours now trying to find this information. Either I am trying way too hard or this info isn’t documented very well, or I am using the wrong search terms.

Is there a way to create a group in OH1 that has an associated ON/OFF button in the sitemap. The create an “All On” and an “All Off” command? If so, can someone direct me to some documentation on this or an example? Thanks!


There is no such thing because openHAB allows you to build it easily! :v:
You define a switch (virtual item) which will be triggering a rule. I’m not on a PC right now. Check the Design Patterns tag here in the forum.

Well, that gets me on the right track anyway. I wasn’t looking for a specific feature as I know that doesn’t really exist, but I know the end goal can be achieved, just didn’t know where to go.

I will take a look at that tag. Thanks!

Ping me if you are having difficulties. Can post an example later


You could try this method (see the example):

Group your items and then control the group in your sitemap.



This is quite helpful and essentially what I was asking/thinking. The only thing lost on me is whether or not this is specifically related to KNX bindings, because I am not using that here.

If I can’t do this, I suppose I could just create a virtual switch then us a rule to loop through all lights, turning them on or off respectively. I believe this would basically accomplish the same thing as your provided example, but perhaps your example is a bit more clean in implementation. I haven’t gotten around to working on this yet as it is not really needed, just sort of playing around, learning what is and is not possible. Thanks again!