Group doesnt work after system reboot

hey guys,
i have a lot of window/door contacts from the innogy Smarthome system.
I create a little help for me to see how many windows/doors are actually open. And it works fine … (was my first thought).

I put all the window/door contacts in one group and i defined the group like this:


Group window_door

Contact Fensterstatus_Bad_OG_Links   "Fensterstatus [%s]"    <window>  (window_door)   {channel="xxx"}

Contact Fensterstatus_Bad_OG_Mitte  "Fensterstatus [%s]"  <window>  (window_door)   {channel="xxx"}

Contact Fensterstatus_Bad_OG_Rechts  "Fensterstatus [%s]"  <window>  (window_door)   {channel="xxx"}


Group:Contact:OR(OPEN,CLOSED)    window_door    "Offene Türen/Fenster [%d]"


Text            item=window_door                        label="Anzahl offener Fenster:"

But every time i restart the server, the group item “window_door” dont get any informations even if i open and/or closed a window to generate a information for the group item.

The only thing what helped me was to comment out the line in the “gruppe.items” file save the file and then delete the comment to activate the line again.

You’ve defined window_door in both files, and in two different ways. Either remove Group window_door from innogy_Smarthome.items, or replace it with the definition from gruppen.items and delete the second file entirely.

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Damn… what a stupid fail… Thats it! Thanks

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