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I have installed a Homematic Sensor for my window. Now I want to display a group with the number of OPEN and TILTED windows. With Group:Contact:OR(OPEN,CLOSED) I only see the OPEN windows. But that doesn’t tell me, if there are left any TILTED windows.

So my question: Is there a possibility to show the sum of OPEN and TILTED windows?


This help?

I worked around this by having an additional switch item for the contacts. These are ON when open or tilted and OFF when closed.
These can be used for the Group:Switch item.

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Thank you for the hint. The additional switch works fine together with a related rule.

Now I have to get the contact icons work with the states ON/OFF instead of OPEN/CLOSED. Do you have also a solution therefore?


You can specify <myicon>, and include myicon, myicon-on and myicon-off in your image folder.

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Nice, works like a charm

One last thing according to this topic:

The number [%d] of the group switch isn’t updating automatically, only after a reload of the sitemap I can see the correct number. Is this expected behaviour?