Group in sitemap: valuecolor not working

Hi there,

I have defined an item group “m_Maint” containing various items (RSSI, battery voltage, error states). Inside the sitemap I have defined:
Group item=m_Maint label="Geräte: Wartungs- und interne Daten" icon="key" valuecolor=[>1.5="green", >0.0="red", >-66.0="green", >-71.0="orange", <=-71.0="red"]

But all values are always displayed with the default color (blue). As soon, as I put a single item of this group into a single definition inside the sitemap i.e. Text item=... valuecolor=[...], then the valuecolor works as expected and the value is rendered according to the colors defined.

So the question ist: Do “Group”-definition inside a sitemap actually work with “valuecolor”? If yes: how do they work?

thanks for help!

I think you can get a Group to work with valueColor but you have to give the group a rollup strategy when you define it.

For example:

Group:Number:AVG Temperature "Average lighting [Lux](%.1f)" <temperature> (Status)

This will give you a Group called “Temperature” that acts like a Number and whose value will be the average of all the Items who are a member of the group.

Other supported strategies are:

  • OR, logically ORs (||) the values of all the items in the group, good if you want the group to be ON or OPEN if one or more items in the group are ON or OPEN
  • AND, logically AND (&&) the values of all the items in the group, good if you want all the items in the group to be ON or OPEN for the Group to be ON or OPEN
  • SUM, adds up all the values of the items in the group
  • MIN, the minimum value of the items in the group
  • MAX, the maximum value of the items in the group
  • NAND, the group is OFF only of all the items are ON and ON if one or more items is OFF, basically the inverse of AND
  • NOR, the inverse of OR

Well, this is not what I wanted. I just wanted to use the Group widget just as an “easy way” to render all the items without changing the sitemap when adding just another item to the item definitions.

It is a kind of maintenance page, which is used to display RSSI-values, battery-voltages, error strings all together. And I wanted to “beef up” the display, i.e. battery voltages above 1.5 as “green” and lower values as “red”. Similar for the RSSI values and since all the values are very different, a single valuecolor would be sufficient for the numeric values. Therefore any item has to be rendered as an individual line, rollup strategies are useless in this case.

Some of the item defiitions:

Number m_Bat_Bad  "Bad Batterie [%.1f V]"  <energy>  (m_Maint)    { homematic="address=LEQxxxx, channel=4, parameter=BATTERY_STATE" }
Number m_rssi_Bad  "Bad RSSI [%d dBm]"  <network>  (m_Maint) { homematic="address=LEQxxxx, channel=0, parameter=RSSI_DEVICE" }

But it seems, that I can’t use the Group widget for this purpose…

Yep. The visibility and valueColor attributes don’t propagate inside the group. Sorry.

OK – understood.
May I suggest to notify the “non-propagation” in the description of valuecolor in the Wiki-page?

Its a wiki so you can update it and any other page you find confusing or in error.