Group Item for a graph - rather than specify in sitemap

I’ve done graphs before off the sitemap using an entry like the following:

Image refresh=60000 url="https://grafana/grafana/render/d-solo/000000006/temperatures?orgId=1&var-interval=1m&panelId=6&width=1000&height=500&tz=Pacific%2FAuckland"

But is there an item I can add to an item group for the same thing? As lately I have only been adding group names to my site map and just displaying everything for that group…it’s makes sitemap management much simpler:

Group item=g_shelly

Which conains two groups:

Group	g_shelly				"Shelly Devices"

// Ballroom Shelly Humidity and Temperature Sensor 

Group	g_shelly_ht01		"Shelly Temp and Humdity 01 (Ballroom)"	(g_shelly)
Group	g_shelly_ht02		"Shelly Temp and Humdity 02 (Lounge)"	(g_shelly)


So Idealling I want to add an item to the group that I can set to the grafana chart that will just appear under the group page for the sensor.

But you have absolutely no ability to customize when using Group elements on the sitemap.

Image is not the default element for any Items except for Image Items. So you could theoretically create a Group of Image Items and put that Group on the sitemap using the Group element. But that only moves the problem as I’ve no idea how one would get the Grafana generated images into an openHAB Image Item. It seems like that should be theoretically possible but I don’t know for sure. I never used Image Items with Grafana and have stopped using Grafana at all since moving to OH 3.

Sitemaps are pretty much all or nothing. Either you define each element yourself and have full control over what and how things are rendered. Or you use the Group element and you have almost no control over what and how things are rendered.

Yeah I was hooping I could just create an item:

Image temperatuiregraph (g_shelly_ht01)  imageurl=http://grafana/staitic/location/to/graph

And have it show up under existing display the group rules…I don’t care where it shows up as long as it shows up on that group page.

Where as what I actually have to do is chuck out all that simplicity and manually specify each item of that group again, just to display a webview.

That part’s fine

But you can’t do that. It’s an Item, you have update the state like any other Item, from a binding channel or by postUpdate() from a rule.
There’s an HTTP binding of course.

So I could update an image item using the http binding?

Have you read the docs? It touches on Image Items. There might be encoding issues to sort out

It’ll likely be quicker and less resource consuming to write your sitemap out long form.

Yeah i’ve ended up using a page for temperatures and will just put them all there…too hard to put it nicely in with teh sensor

Thanks anyway for the help