Group items display in Basic-UI


I have a group of items (thermostat modes)

and display them in the Basic-UI.

        Text label="Thermostats" icon="radiator"{
            Selection item=Natalia_Thermostatic_Valve_Thermostat_mode label="Natalia"
            Selection item=Bathroom_Thermostatic_Valve_Thermostat_mode label="Bathroom"
            Selection item=Dominik_Thermostat_Comet_Thermostat_mode label="Dominik"
            Selection item=Konrad_Thermostatic_Valve_Thermostat_mode label="Konrad"
            Selection item=LivingDining_Thermostatic_Valve_Mode label="Livingroom"
            Selection item=Office_Thermostatic_Valve_Thermostat_mode label="Office"


How could I display a group the same way in the Basic -UI (as “Selection”)?

Group item=gThermostatModes

Looks like that :frowning:

The first part of an entry in the sitemap is the element you want to use. It’s separate and independent from the type of the Item. You don’t have to use a Switch Item with a Switch element. You can use any type of Item with a Switch element.

So use a Selection element with your Group Item.

Selection item=gThermostatModes

Makes Basic UI changing the page color to gray and the group is not opening


Something weird is going on then. It’s probably because your Group has neither a “Members Base Type” nor an Aggregation Function.

Without those the Item has no state.

No need aggregation, I think

Changing aggregation to SUM does not help as well

Changing the group to Selection makes UI thinking it is a selection not the group. Thus the leayout grays out. Selection does not appear becouse there is none.

Isn’t that what you are after?

There is no such thing as a “Selection” Item. As far as BasicUI is concerned a Group Item with a base type of Number is a Number Item and it will treat it as a Number in all ways.

If there is no aggregation function there is no State, so what exactly is BasicUI selecting?

What is providing the selection option s for the members of the Group? Do these have State Descriptions or some other formatting applied to them? Often the bindings will push State Description metadata to the Items. That won’t exist for Group Items so again, what is it selecting without that?

BasicUI shall enter the group of mode of different radiators and display individual status and selection for each of them. Exactly like in the picture below

Maybe I make it too complicated but I made a group of all thermostat modes.Every single mode.state is a Number. So my Group has a memberBaseTypte also as a Number. i was thinking this shall work this way. Aggregation is not required because I want to trigger all at once regardless of the mode

Many sitemap elements, and I think Selection is one of them, requires the state so it knows what you are changing from in order to render properly.

And you’ve never shown the member configuration. It’s possible that those are being configured through the binding. You don’t have that advantage for the Group. You have to configure the mappings yourself. See Sitemaps | openHAB