Group Name Requirements - Capital Letter as 1. Letter Required?

Hi Community

I am a beginner and recently wondered about group names in an .items file

I wanted to name my groups as follows and prepared a groups.item file as follow:

// Haus
group gH “Heim” [icon]

// Geschosse
group gUG "Untergeschoss [icon] (gH)
group gEG "Erdgeschoss [icon] (gH)
group gDG "Dachgeschoss [icon] (gH)

group gBAZ “Bastelzimmer” [icon] (gUG)

However, i realized that

  1. I have to use “Group” instead of “group” and
  2. that a group name has to start with a capital letter and has to contain small caps also (e.g. GH would not work as well as GBAZ will not work.

(at least Visio Studio Code or Basic UI did not recognize it)

Am I right with this?


  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspi3
    • OS: Hasbian (latest updates applied)


not true, but you are missing the closing " in all your item definitions under the heading Geschosse and delete the [icon] part or replace it with a real icon name (see link above); so try this:

// Haus
Group gH "Heim" 

// Geschosse
Group gUG "Untergeschoss"  (gH)
Group gEG "Erdgeschoss"  (gH)
Group gDG "Dachgeschoss"  (gH)

Group gBAZ "Bastelzimmer" (gUG)

Thanks for the fast answer.

Sorry, I had the closing " in my file (just forgot to write here) and I think I also had a real icon name in brackets < > (I just could not manage to post/write it here).

@dandil just saw that did not pick up on it above, make sure to always use the straight quotation marks ", not the slanted ones “ ”; a subtle difference for our eyes, but slanted ones will cause errors (and are typically introduced by copy/pasting; you had them in your first post for in the definition for Bastelzimmer.

also look at your log files for errors, this may give you good hints about what is going wrong;

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@lipp_markus Thanks a lot, now I got it and it works as I wished to (I have first get used to all details). I had everything right first but then got distracted by “Visual Studio Code” and it’s colors…

Best regards

When pasting any configuration from .things, .items, .sitemap, .rules files, or logs etc here, please be sure to use the “Code Fences”, as others have done (see lipp_markus’ post for a great example)


Using these options keeps all your formatting - spaces, the correct quotation marks (often the forum converts the “straight” quotes into “smart” quotes (the slanted ones) within normal text, but anything within the Code Fences aren’t touched. This is important for us to be able to see exactly what you are trying to do, and what might be wrong :slight_smile:

Glad to hear, however, that you’re making some progress :slight_smile:

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